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"Our mission is to provide Healing foods to you, along with education, resources and awareness so that you can re-gain and sustain optimal health.”

Vinod Jain, CEO

         With all the concern these days about our food supply, from pesticides to GMO's, there has been a movement towards growing your own food. From backyard gardens and homesteading it can be a bit overwhelming. So, this winter, Magppie introduces Responsible Kitchens. We provide you with indoor and outdoor farm boxes where you can grow microgreens, veggies, spices and a couple of fruit trees along with contraptions for different food so that your family gets enough and optimum food produce is grown by home farming. This mess-free, pest-free and infection free mechanism is fully automated: water control, light control, air control, heat control, space-control, etc. 

         Along with this product, we provide education (online and offline) concerning health and food awareness, food designing, step-by-step cooking, and a new lifestyle design. Family nutrition management is an integral part of this education.That's not enough. Our team of nutritionists and urban farm experts work closely with you to help you at every step of your plant's growth. We have a 24x7 helpline to assist you in case you have any problems. There's more. We schedule 'Your First kitchen Day with our Chef ' - to help you begin your new journey. 

         What about the grains that you cannot produce at home? We have a perfect solution for that. Our 'Adopt a Farmer' service will tie you up with a farmer so you can have access to 100% organic supply of food and our farmers, who are struggling with daily sustenance can live an improved, more secure life. 

You can also start taking responsibility for the environment that you live in. Segregating your household waste is the first step towards this effort which is made simple through the design of our product. 

Hence, Magppie's Responsible Kitchens are not just a product or service - they are complete ecosystems within themselves - a reform for our modern society!

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