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"We can no more sell products or services to the new consumer. We can only sell experiences - experiences that become memories... and memories that bring happiness..." 
Megha Jain, CEO

our philosophy


At Magppie, we are not product designers, interior designers, or any other category of designers. We are simply people who appreciate life. We create spaces that are more than just aesthetically pleasing. We create spaces that care for your wellbeing, keep you healthy, bring people together & address your emotional needs, so that, just like us, you can celebrate life too.. 

Magppie is not just a kitchen or furniture maker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on creating energy in the space.

Everything around us is made up of energy. When we look at a lit lamp, we can see the bulb, we can see the lampshade, but we cannot see the energy that gives power to this lamp to bring it to light. We believe that energy exists in the lamp, even if we do not see it. The same energy exists everywhere - whether in living or in non-living beings. Just like plants and trees absorb energy from the sun, we humans absorb energy from the spaces where we live. A space filled with positive energy attracts positive emotions while a space filled with negative energy attracts negative emotions. At Magppie, we create a spaces filled with positive energy using color therapeutics, kitchen gardening and environmentally friendly materials that affect your well-being, mood and health. We carefully select all the things which fill your spaces from the plants you keep to the furnishings you install. 

At Magppie, we emphasise the importance of creating interiors that are in harmony with the individuals using them. We understand your environment, your culture and your lifestyle and thoughtfully articulate this understanding to create not just a product, but an experience around you. We create spaces where you can have experiences that can become memories and memories that make you happy. 



Today the brand has achieved international recognition and enjoys a presence in over 20 Countries including Italy, Denmark, Netherlands Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Japan, USA, Australia and so on. 


Magppie is the only Indian company which was awarded the 'Red Dot Award' for three consecutive years. The 'Red Dot Award' is one of the most prestigious international design awards. 


Each Magppie creation is a celebration of life, a perfect blend of form, functionality and comfort. Many of them so inspiring in their overall presence that they are acknowledged as highly prized collector's items by international museums like Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA), San Francisco.

Magppie hired designers in Italy and Germany to design kitchens for the Indian consumer. They created aesthetically beautiful designs. but that was not enough for Indian conditions. India being a hot country, with a completely different lifestyle & food habits, needed a much more durable and functional kitchen. 


Then Magppie hired a research team to find out what makes the ideal Indian kitchen. Giving the kitchen a beautiful skin was very natural for Magppie designers, but they kept questioning what makes the stronger bones of an Indian kitchen. At Magppie, we questioned many problem areas ranging from termites to cooktop quality to sagging doors to swelling panels to rusty hinges. After years of research, we invented many new materials like SEB and Armor while resolving several key issues of common Indian kitchens. Today we proudly offer 25 years of guarantee with our kitchens. 

Within five years of its incorporation in modular kitchen sector, Magppie became the strongest Indian brand in the category. The quality of the kitchens and the B3 Design Philosophy (Bones, Brain & Beauty) was so well received by the Indian consumer, that soon Magppie was building kitchens for some of the most prestigious people in India.


In 2013, Magppie received "INDIA’S BEST KITCHEN" award for its CHEF kitchen from EDIDA, Elle Deco International Design Awards. 

An engineering marvel - World's first kitchen to be made entirely out of granite



Magppie won the most prestigious award at the event held by MCHI CREDAI on April 29th’ 2016 at Sofitel Mumbai. A jury of India’s top 90 developers and architects came together for the first time to identify and award the three best brands of India specialising in the category of building material ranging from cement and steel to elevators, bath fittings and kitchens. This jury consisted of some of the finest promoters and president procurements of prestigious companies such as Lodha, Oberoi, Kalpatru, TATA Housing, Godrej, Ajmera and more as well as architects such as Seema Puri, Prem Nath, Jimmy Mistry and many more. MAGPPIE was awarded the second position across all categories in this competition, just after TATA Steel. 

In July 2016, MCHI CREDAI honoured MAGPPIE with the prestigious title of PREFERRED PARTNER for kitchens. The Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI-CREDAI), formed in 1982, is the most prominent and the only recognized body of Real Estate Developers in Mumbai and MMR.

MCHI-CREDAI brings together members dealing in Real Estate Development on one common platform to address various issues facing the Industry.

On Sep 3rd, 2016, Magppie was honoured as one of “INDIA’S GREATEST BRANDS AND LEADERS 2015-16" & received the "PRIDE OF THE NATION" award. Extensive consumer and industry research  was conducted by United Research Services, Singapore and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC). Magppie was awarded for its contribution in leading India in global design.

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