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Meet Rémi Bouhinache

Remi Bouhinache expresses the positivity of his personality. He is a worker who also dreams of living in an isolated cabin in complete harmony with nature. He is behind some of Magppie's most innovative kitchens. Rémi made "EMOTION" the legitimate subject for research at Magppie. He believes that humans beings are empowered by emotion, not by reason. Reason leads to conclusions, whereas emotions lead to action. He believes that emotions are a serious opportunity to get in touch with consumers, which also lead to the innovation of the 'Family Kitchen', which truly brings the family together. Rémi designed the magnetic wall, mess free sink and pop corn table as some of the integral concepts of this kitchen, which make sure that our customers have a new experience each time they sit down to eat at the dining table. 

Rémi's Website:



         I will remember  this date all my life. It was 15th of July 2012, my 14th birthday. We were all hanging around the dining table of our new kitchen that my parents got only a week before. We were waiting for my cake to come. Everyone was there including grandma, dressed in her special sari, doing what she always does- helping mother.

         Both of them loved this magnetic wall in our new kitchen. My mother collected memories of me, dad, grandpa, grandma and all the special people in her life, while adding all her love and emotions. My sister, Priyanka, was also a part of the ritual being carried out by mom and grandma- chopping vegetables and cleaning dishes. 

         That day, I was particularly curious about my dad. Watching his expression was too funny! He was so happy and proud to introduce our new kitchen to our relatives. I was playing, racing around the table to catch our dog, Snuffy. On the TV, the film of my first birthday was being playedwhile Gopu Uncle was preparing a coffee for himself. Suddenly, the lights went off and everyone started singing, "Happy Birthday to you". I stopped racing and turned towards the door, where grandpa was holding my birthday cake with 14 lit candles and a big smile on his face. Mom and dad held my hand and I felt my heart beating, so happy to see my family, all together, filled with love, and laughter."


Avi, Son of Gopika & Amit Aggarwal

20th of July 2012

New Delhi



Social Kitchen is designed to inspire friends and families to cook, socialise and interact together. It is installed at Magppie Experience Center, Mumbai.






Rémi's bedroom design philosophy uses a warm and fun environment to create elegant forward-thinking rooms and spaces. Pulled together, a room creates a mood. It is a backdrop for what you want to do in that space.Through color choices, lighting, furniture style and accents, we create a room or home full of inspiration, warmth, one that is inviting, sunny, casual, romantic, cozy, playful, airy, energetic, exciting, bold, or any other feeling you want to achieve.

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