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Meet Stefan Diez

Rethinking everyday objects and giving contemporary forms of expression to new technologies - this is the design approach adopted by Stefan Diez. Stefan develops innovative products and exhibition designs for Magppie. Stefan Diez has made a name for himself internationally and won numerous design awards. He works intensively with materials, technology and is passionate in his quest to fathom out their limitations. Together with Magppie's design team, he develops products that are precise, yet simple and above all are meant to meet human needs.

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The CHEF kitchen is inspired by the lifestyle of a home chef. The kitchen utensils are not merely objects, but tools of art for him. Display of his art objects inspire him along with the semi professional space that he craves is what drives the design of the space.

The Chef Kitchen was one of three kitchen designed for the Magppie Showroom in Delhi, and the first that got in production. As exceptional elements we see the refined countertop made by CNC milled stone, a gas burner which was especially designed for this kitchen and a pin wall, exposing important hardware and making them easily accessible during the passionate cooking process. Magppie is offering the body in several materials like stone, veneered aluminum and others. The Chef Kitchen was awarded as the best kitchen by the Elle Decoration Design Awards (EDIDA) 2013.



World's first kitchen to be made entirely from exotic granite, installed at Magppie Experience Center, New Delhi


Chef two installed at the residence of Mr. M.S. Dhoni, Mumbai


Making of the chef kitchen

In most family homes, the kitchen has evolved to become the central core of a modern home – for cooking and eating, as much as for work and relaxation too.

It is this philosophy that lies at the heart of the Chef Kitchen, ensuring each of our kitchen designs provide a very practical but beautiful, flexible room. Achieving this balance is Magppie's hallmark.

We frequently come across customers who bought or inherited a kitchen which falls short in the sheer impracticality of the room. Planning the layout has a huge influence on the look and feel of the cabinetry of the Chef Kitchen.


The burner for the Magppie CHEF-KITCHEN is an easy to handle and easy maintainable burner especially developed for Propan-Butane bottle gas, as it is mainly used in Indian kitchen. The head is designed in such a way, that it can handle all sizes of pots, pans and even wok pans. Each head can be given an individual position on the countertop which allows a pretty free layout of the cooking area.

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