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Meet Saloni & Priyanka

Saloni Nirola, studied design in NIFT, is a designer with a holistic view of design and everything that is around her. 


She has worked with Zoya, the luxury jewellery brand by Tanishq to design customer and store experience. She created signature drinks and food menus and all supporting designs related to food. She has worked for many restaurants  as space stylist in Dubai. She has also worked as a food, wine design consultant and an experience space designer for many high profile clients in India. With a strong passion to move boundaries in the use of materials and space, her designs are not only beautiful, but provide maximum value for the user.

Priyanka P Hedge has attained a Master's degree in Product Service System Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy after studying Interior design for 2 years in Mumbai. For her, architecture, interiors and graphics have been an amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality and innovation. A young and dynamic blood, she has more than 6 years of experience of handling various interior projects, which includes night clubs, restaurants, cafes, schools and residences. Her pragmatic approach with her wide-ranging experience give her an intuitive ability to quickly gauge if a new design will work or not.

A perfect blend of creativity and pragmatism, Saloni and Priyanka do wonders to homes, reflected in several Bespoke homes and Fusion project created for Magppie.



100% wood-free kitchen built from Magppie’s patented Strengthened Engineered Board Set



Warm Scottish Kitchen Concept, integrating with the interiors of the home. 


The kitchen design process covers everything from understanding the current kitchen design trends to dynamic space design. The Scottish kitchen is high on storage, provides a double dishback, customised drawer systems for the vegetable cabinet and utensil corner, and suitable space for electrical appliances. The kitchen also provides segregated storage space for different jar sizes, grain and pickle storage. It is built in with a tall wine chiller. Its cabinets are panelled on the side. This kitchen also comes with roller shutters with backlight when opened. The louvered shutter, closed shutter, french shutter, filler pillar, and mouldings are some of its many elements. 

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