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Vinod Jain

The Alchemist of Designing

A visionary who made the ubiquitous and humble ‘bartan’ (utensil) fashionable in India and created a strong market for designer steel accessories, kitchens and concept interiors, VJ through his excellent skills proves that splendor lies in the simplest of materials

There has been a massive shift in the way Indian customers distinguish the interiors of their homes, imbibing once ulterior designs in conceptualisation of the place. Understanding the prominence of impeccable designs and need for revamping the housing space, VJ emerged as a pioneer in resurrecting the value of steel in Indian kitchens. Apart from giving a new life to the blunt steel products, VJ has also been working actively towards providing perfect home interior solutions to families who want to reflect their personalities through each wall of the house.


VJ has lived in many cities like - New York, London, Shanghai, Florence and Mumbai for 18 years before settling in Delhi. Every city gave him an insight towards the distinctive designs and architectural marvels which instigated in him a fine eye for designing. He observed each place minutely searching for fine artistic marvels which he later absorbed in his creations under the name Magppie. When his counterparts were focusing on creating products from china and glass, VJ decided to revamp the glory of stainless steel.

He worked against the preconceived notion that steel is boring by carving out impressive curvy designs out of it and creating a whole new category of lifestyle home accessories. VJ launched his first collection in the year 2000 and within a span of just four years, Magppie products were being retailed across the markets of 35 countries. Magppie’s first international retail store was opened in Sydney, Australia in the year 2007.


VJ gives prime prominence to the power of design for the immense success of his brand. He believes, “Design is the most important part of a business. It can change things completely in any area, be it product or organisational design.” He further adds, “Design is not about changing shapes—it’s also about figuring out ways to help improve health for mankind.”

Thus, he works with over 200 international designers, architects & technology partners from across the globe to create marvellous pieces which reflect a distinct sense of class and style through their designs. VJ also has opened design studio in Como, Italy - hiring most talented and reputed designers of those countries. His design philosophy has inspired many global designer’s who works with him. He works closely with them and very deeply discusses the essence and design of any product or project being done under the brand name “Magppie”. His lectures on design are conducted in some prestigious design schools and Design Forums in Europe.


Apart from being a fantabulous designer and exceptional entrepreneur, VJ is also a highly spiritual personality. He is an ardent follower of Lord Krishna and believes that real design inspiration comes to him from spirituality and the Bhagavad Gita. “Spreading spirituality is the only way forward. The material world is dangerous, and our new design concepts can take us back to our spiritual roots,” he says.

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