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Meet Our Designers

At the heart of what we do, you’ll find our designers. Our team of 200+ designers is a group of talented, passionate and creative people — all of whom derive great joy from helping you bring beauty and new experiences into your home. As unique as they are individually, they share a mutual passion for design and make sure that their designs work perfectly for you. They work globally in France, Germany, USA, Italy and India. While they are dedicated to bringing functionality to your homes, they embrace their own culture and background when creating the many beautiful design themes. 

Get to know our designers and see some of their innovative work below.

Rémi Bouhaniche

Rémi is a Lyon-based French designer. He is gifted with an exceptional quality of understanding people and cultures. He designs human experiences and moments of life in all his products.

Stefan Diez 

Stefan Diez is a  contemporary German designer based in Munich. His award-winning products mirror his innovative and creative character as well as his intensive work with materials.

Saloni & Priyanka

Saloni is a concept designer who designs concepts around the lives of our customers. She has a talent for working with the right dimensions and colours. Priyanka dares to use playful and distinctive details that make her designs stand out without compromising on comfort and function.

Karim Rashid

Karim is a Canadian-American designer - one of the most successful of his generation. 

His works are famous for their simplicity and intrinsic beauty and also for their revolutionary designs. Magppie's bottle opener designed by Karim Rashid is the winner of the Red Dot Design award.

Cory Grosser 

Cory Grosser is an award winning designer who creates spaces that are meant to build emotional connections. Cory is not celebrated for creating products. He is celebrated for creating experiences that bring happiness, which is reflected in Cory's 'Pure Kitchen' designed exclusively for Magppie. 

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