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Meet Cory Grosser

Cory Grosser is an American product designer, brand strategist and educator. In 2002, he founded his studio in Los Angeles. The same year, he had his first international exhibition in Milan and secured his first consulting project from a Fortune 500 Company. Since then he has gone on to become one of America's top independent product designers. Cory has won several prestigious design awards and his work has been shown worldwide. 

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          Simran and Gautam Saini are a well traveled Indian couple, both in their late thirties. Their love for travel and fine living is well reflected in their home. 

          Last year, they spent a considerable amount of time building their dream house in Delhi. They wanted their home to be a reflection of their personality - understated and elegant. To bring this dream to reality, their friend, designer Cory Grosser flew in from New York to create this unique space for them. 

               The colours and materials used are symbols of purity in our lives. Our entire kitchen is encased in a special warm grey corian. The floating cabinets add to the feeling of lightness, almost giving a meditating feeling. Gautam and I often share our day long stories on this glass table. This clear table is another reflection of transparency and purity", says Simran

To add a personal touch to his kitchen, Gautam painted on the entire wall with special chalkboard paint. Now, it has become his wall of expression, where he loves to express the emotions of his life. 

"Last week, our guests at dinner enjoyed writing little notes on this wall about the evening.." says Gauatam.

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