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We take great pride in our commitment to consumer satisfaction. We push quality standards higher and higher, involving customers and suppliers. We anticipate customer needs with innovative products.


And we provide 25 Years Guarantee on all our kitchens

Products can go wrong, but our commitment to you cannot. We will stand behind you for the next 25 years.

If anything goes wrong  in your kitchen, we don't repair the damaged parts, we replace them. We do not ask questions. We trust you.

It is not just about 25 years of guarantee. It is about our responsibility of keeping you happy and satisfied. 

Like a trusted family jeweller, Magppie has a G3 philosophy of serving its clients for at least next 3 generations. "We are like a trusted family jeweller, where the relationship is built on strong foundation of trust, says MD

God forbid, if there is a fire accident at your home and your kitchen gets destroyed, we will be give you a free replacement of your kitchen in the same specifications as the original kitchen.

Our product is 100% genuine & assured of its authenticity. If you find a technically stronger material than ours, we will refund your money back!

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